Younisos / Writer

Big pale boobs kill


We’re done with books. Double dish of peas and the killing  joy squirting through radioactive brains. I’m a carrion, more or less. Busty scarlet woman is the killer. Deadly bright tits destroy all rational thought (Bill just screwed the ginger boy). Sodomy is the tight blank fullness of silence. Big Bone is masterminding the next great aesthetic Butchery. Danaé will terrorise the keyboard and the verb. Her pale blinding boobs are cutting up human software. I’ll sit and let carnal light break up heavens. The writer eats the blade as he can when mad sun shows up with silver giant dildos and tiny blank skirts.






2 responses

  1. I love this one. Well, all of them I’ve read, but this one is definitely interesting.


    8 June 2015 at 18 h 32 min

    • Thank you ! … This one is especially crucial for me too… Violence and bloody excess just in carnal light… That’s the sensorial massacre…
      I’m glad you liked it that way, and I have the feeling that you could be highly inspiring for me.


      8 June 2015 at 21 h 16 min

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